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Why Study in Australia?

5 things you need to know before going to study abroad in Australia!

Australia is a popular study destination for language study, working holidays, qualifications study, summer camps, etc.We have created this site to help you prepare before heading to Australia. Topics covered include reasons why studying in Australia is recommended, how to apply for a visa, and the types of visas. There is so much information out there, including introductions to local schools and language schools, experiences from people who have studied abroad and word of mouth, so who should you turn to? Is it real information? Why is studying abroad in Australia so popular?

1) Ideal environment for learning English

According to Wikipedia there are over 1.456 billion English speakers in the world with 380 million native English speakers and 1.077 billion second language speakers. You can hear real world English every day in Australia as Australia is a nation of migrants so you can hear native speakers and second language speakers. Australia and Japan have strong cultural, government and economic links. Also, many Australians are interested in Japanese culture, food and media. To be fluent in English you need more than just classroom experience. In Australia you can immerse yourself in English both inside and outside the classroom.

2) Safety

Among study-abroad countries, Australia is said to be relatively safe with strong gun and drug laws that are similar to Japan. Even though it is safe, living overseas is different from Japan, so it is important to be careful and understand local customs and laws.

3) Quality Education

Brisbane is Australia’s third largest city and is a very popular study abroad destination, with more traditional sandstone universities such as the University of Queensland to technology focused job ready universities such as the Queensland University of Technology. Brisbane is also home to a wide range of high-quality educational institutions, including local elementary and high school schools, private schools and Australian state-run vocational schools (TAFE).

In addition, our affiliated language school in Queensland, Brisbane, offers not only general English courses but also English test preparation courses such as the Cambridge English qualification course and the IELTS course.

We also have small group English courses for adults, so you can start learning English at any age!

4) Warm Climate

Isn’t the climate of the region one of the key points when choosing a study-abroad destination? Living abroad in extremely cold weather and having a climate where it rains every day means that you will be limited in what you can try outside the classroom while studying abroad.

We are based in Southeast Queensland, Australia where popular study destinations include the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Noosa (Please contact us for other cities.) Southeast Queensland has a subtropical climate with an average of 283 days of sunshine every year. With an average high temperature of 27 degrees and the average low temperature of 15 degrees making it a pleasant climate throughout the year.

Southeast Queensland has a large range of weekend activities such as theme parks (Movie World, Sea World, Dream World), water parks (Wet and Wild, White Water World), ziplining in Mount Tambourine, large National Parks with many waterfalls to ocean watersports such as surfing and parasailing.

5) Where nature and the city are in harmony

The purpose of studying abroad is to study, but living abroad, living locally, and interacting with new people are also important goals.
Brisbane is a city where nature and the city are in harmony, so you can enjoy shopping in the city center, visiting stylish cafes, and other activities, as well as having a picnic or taking a walk in a large park rich in nature, or taking a free ferry ride down the Brisbane River. Or even try rock climbing in the great outdoors at the Kangaroo Point cliffs next to the CBD.

On your days off, you can go a little further afield to see whales and dolphins or take the train to the famous Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast.

I would like everyone to experience an experience that you cannot find in Japan!